Sunday, 3 January 2016

Raspberry Pi basics - Connecting up

What's required get it running

  1. A  Raspberry PI (Models available are A, Zero, B, B+ and the new 2 B) below is the original model B this model is no longer available but the new Raspberry PI 2 B does everything this one does and its also faster and has more GPIO pins)
  2. USB keyboard and mouse. As my PI only had 2 USB ports I found a keyboard that has a USB hub and plugged the mouse in to the keyboard.
  3. Video lead to connect to your display. My display does not have a HDMI port so I purchased a HDMI to DVI converter lead (DVI and HDMI use the same protocol but with a different connector). I would not recommend using the composite port as the resolution is too small to be of any use.
  4. USB 5 volt power supply with a micro-USB connector. To drive I/O and other stuff it should be a 2 amp unit (Most are 1 amp so you will have to look around). The connector is just for power and has no USB functions for that use the full size USB connections.

  5. Network connection is also required or qualified a WIFI module can be used. For initial setup use a cable it makes life easier.
  6. SD card with the Raspbian Wheezy operating system installed. (The NOOBS SD download includes Raspbian and is what all new user should use).

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