Monday, 7 March 2016

Raspberry PI - Swimming Pool Solar Controller Project - Part 2

Project issue to be resolved in this part

The devices worked quite well but there are a few issues
1. All the wires on the soldered board were looking messy 
2. The connections are becoming a bit unreliable. 
3. Its too big for most boxes

4. The keypad and screen need mounting some how

Building a custom PCB

It became clear as I added more inputs and outputs that the board was becoming messy and was too big so I downloaded Eagle software and designed a custom PCB and got it built here it is without components.
Link to Design and make a custom PCB

I was happy with the board and soldered the components and added headers for the keyboard, real time clock, outputs and LCD display. 

Board testing success below.

All the parts required for the build laid out. I got the relays from Ebay and the power supply from Element 14. 

Now just a box to house the parts. I decided to buy this from a Jaycar shop it was a bit more expensive but I could pick it up and look at it before buying.
Power input on the left with fuse and the pump outputs at the top.

The Lid is to hold the LCD display and keypad. I could of done a better job of cutting the holes but it will be covered. 

The display, keyboard, LED's and switches installed in the lid.

The custom PCB power supply, relays and outlets installed in the box. The Raspberry PI will go on to of the main board on the left. I tried to keep the power on the right away from the electronics.

Working mounted in the box

Created a cover sheet for the lid using paper and a laminator. Now it's looking better.

Ok that works quite well but its still on my desk so more work is required.

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